• Product Description

    The Parachute Skimmer was one of only a dozen or so products out of over 120,000 submissions, that was tested, approved and recommended for use during the Gulf Oil Spill crisis in 2010 by the US Coast Guard and British Petroleum’s joint operation task force.

    It is ideal for environmentally sensitive areas, around docks and in shallow water and inland oil spill cleanup.  It can also be used for tar ball detection out at sea or near shore.  The device can be hand pulled or towed by a boat at slow speeds.

    It was featued in industry magazine Pipeline and in USA Today.

    The top part of the device floats and the bottom part sinks below the surface, material in between captures oil, tar balls and soiled debris as it is pulled through the water.

    Oil absorption material is placed into the device and allows the user to steer the device and control the direction of the absorption material through the water.

    The device not only captures the surface oil, but also captures the subsurface tar balls and soiled debris as well.

    This is the first device that allows oil absorption material to be controlled and maneuvered through the water. Once full, the reusable device is removed from the water capturing the oil and tar. The soiled absorption material is replaced and the tool is ready for use again.

    The Parachute Skimmer is much more efficient than traditional devices and it allows workers to pick up the oil with minimal direct contact so it is also safer for cleanup crews to use.

    The Parachute Skimmer is inexpensive, easy to store and has received acclaim from many industry veterans, including former Exxon Valdez, and BP gulf oil spill workers.