• Specific Details
    • Quickly Clear Swimming Areas
    • Use From The Shore Or A Boat
    • Reduce Timely Maintenance

    Remove floating debris quickly with the pond and lake version of the Parachute Skimmer.  Simply drag across the surface of the water to collect floating debris like algae, duckweed, leaves or dead vegetation. The patented skimmer measures 5 feet in width to cover optimal surface area and is constructed with an ultra tough, pvc coated, collection screen.

    There are two versions of the pond skimmer; a large hole dive mesh net perfect for larger floating debris, and a small holed version which will pick up large and small debris including some strains of algae and duckweed.  The large hole version moves quicker through the water as there is less resistance.

  • Product Details
  • Where to Buy:

    For the large hole skimmer net across the USA: Amazon Large Hole Skimmer

    The fine screen net version is available at the following locations:

    For pond owners across the USA:  Amazon

    For pond owners in the Michigan area:  The Pond Guy

    For pond owners in the Minnesota area:  Weeders Digest

    For pond owners in the New York area:  Smith Creek Fish Farm

    For pond owners in the Ohio area:  Herman Brothers

    For pond owners in the U.K.:  Fishkit Ltd.

    For pond owners in Australia and New Zealand:  Aquatic Technologies

    For pond owners in Australia and New Zealand:  Clearwater Lakes and Ponds